Does Coffee Play A Part In Our Society?

The Important Role of Coffee in Our Society

“Let’s grab some coffee” has become a staple sentence to ask someone out, to invite a potential business partner to a meeting, and to invite an old friend to catch up. It’s so much more than just another habit of ours, as it serves as a ritual we start our days with, bond with those around us, and simply enjoy the present moment.

Coffee can be your meditation, your “five-minute break” from work, and a conversation starter. If you’re a Gilmore girl, you’ll take it in IV form, no questions asked.

As a pivotal segment of our modern life, enjoying your favorite cup of latte is deeply embedded into the fabric of our society. No matter where you come from, whether you like it with milk, pure black, extra sugar, or with some cinnamon, coffee has developed into a part of every society’s identity.

Healthy Cup Of Coffee Surrounded By Coffee Beans

First, the health perks

Not that you’d need an excuse to sip on a cup of joe every now and then, but studies keep pointing out to numerous health benefits we receive from drinking coffee in moderate amounts – sans the sugar, of course, and unfortunately for some. As this godsend of a plant is brimming with antioxidants, vitamins such as B2, and minerals such as manganese, coffee serves as a great addition to a balanced diet.

It helps heal sore muscles, contributes to preventing Alzheimer’s and other brain degenerative diseases, reduces your risk of heart disease as well as type 2 diabetes, and adds valuable fiber to your menu. As we’re discovering more reasons to love coffee, it becomes even more of a social staple for the modern human.

Coffee Cup And Alarm Clock On A Blanket

The morning pick-me-up

Can you imagine starting your day without brewing a fresh batch of coffee? You’re not alone, as so many people have started turning to this delicious beverage to lift their spirits, boost their mood, and give them an energy spur first thing in the morning. It has become a meditative ritual in so many places around the globe. For example, follow in the footsteps of coffee-loving Italians and start your morning with a cappuccino, read the paper, and take a moment to yourself before the rush of the day takes over.

Business Meeting At Coffee Shop

Building business bonds

Many a deal has been sealed over nothing more than a cup of coffee, whether at a global networking event, or just another corporate get-together for the local business folk to attend. This is why so many professional catering companies have turned this simple habit into true craftsmanship, by infusing their unique sips with delicious spices and mastering the art of ornamentation. Your cup of coffee can look so artistic, you’d likely feel bad for drinking it if it weren’t so damn tasty in the first place.

No business event, big or small, can go without serving coffee nowadays. It’s not just a conversation starter, but a brilliant way to give a smooth, more relaxed feel to an otherwise formal event as everyone can bond over a cup of their favorite mocha.

Three Friends Socializing With Coffee

The staple of socialization

Whether you’re in the mood for some alone time with your book or you’re up for a gossip session with your best gal-pals, chances are you’ll do it – you’ve guessed it right – over a cup of coffee. It may have started as a family tradition on the Arabian Peninsula, but nowadays, with coffee spots around every corner, it has become a world-wide social ritual we all enjoy.

You’ll even catch the non-drinkers inviting their friends over for coffee, as yet another way this delightful beverage has infiltrated our language and our mindset, even for those with a preference for smoothies or tea. Synonymous for socialization, coffee is now the equivalent of spending quality time with our loved ones, even for those who still resist the urge to sip of a cup of joe.

Woman Multitasking With Her Cup Of Coffee

The fuel of productivity

As science increasingly points to more perks of coffee consumption, more offices around the globe begin to introduce more coffee-making machines into the workplace, stepping further away from the simple morning brew. We now often see numerous businesses boasting some of the finest coffee-making tools in the industry – all for the sake of a more productive day if we’re to believe that’s the sole reason.

Still, caffeine and oils found in coffee are known brain-protectors, and they enable you to retain your focus for longer periods of time and give you more energy for your creative sessions at work.

Finally, wherever you are and no matter what kind of coffee you enjoy – take your time. It’s one of those few invaluable slow rituals we have in the world, so you might as well make the most of it and let it make your day better.

Happy sipping, everyone!

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