Best Gifts For Coffee Lovers

The Best Christmas Gifts for Coffee Lovers

Create Your Own Gourmet Coffee Gift Baskets!

That festive time of the year is finally upon us! When we all try to outdo each other with unique gifts and make our loved ones feel terribly guilty for getting us that horrendous Christmas sweater: it’s all part of the holiday spirit!

If you know someone that would voluntarily lose a couple of fingers for a cup of Joe, then getting them a present inspired by caffeine itself is your best bet.

Lucky for you, we’ve scoured the vast expanse of the internet and compiled the 20 best gifts for coffee lovers designed to fit every budget. Let's get cracking!

1. Wacaco MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker

Oh this is a must for the hard-core espresso lover on the go. Prepare amazing espresso anywhere, with a handheld MiniPresso machine. Compact, simple, and fast, the MiniPresso is perfectly designed for the coffee lover on the go. Be it for hiking, camping, on the road or at the office, there is no more waiting for a strong hit of coffee.

Just add hot water, ground coffee beans, pump, and out pours a delicious espresso, topped with creme. Buy Here

2. Morning Heat Changing Mug

Morning Heat Changing Mugs

Oh it doesn’t get cuter than this! We all want a bit of joy to perk us up in the morning, right? And this mug will do just that. When it’s cold it appears black with a cute, little sleepy face drawn on it.

But pour in some hot coffee; wait for a minute, and voila! The mug changes from black to white, the sleepy face wakes up and springs to life with a nice smile. Young or old, this will bring some excitement into anyone’s morning routine. Shop Now

3. Fresh Roasted Coffee for 6 Months 

Oh that freshly-roasted coffee smell! There is really nothing like it. And what’s better than treating your coffee-crazed loved one to 6 whole months of utter deliciousness? Probably you doing the actual brewing for them, but that’s taking it a bit too far.

Fair Exchange Marketplace ships 12oz of freshly-roasted whole beans, every month, for 6 months, like clockwork. The beans are organically processed, and every shipment has a time-stamped date of roast. Your recipients may not have heard of Top Corp, but they’ll sure love the flavor!  Shop Now

4. The "Nearly" Universal OH-Cup or Drink Holder

Fantasize with us for a minute. What if there was a cup holder you could attach to almost anything? Attach to that chair at the basketball game, to your armrest at work, to your seat on the plane. How amazing would that be? Well, there is!

The "Nearly" Universal cup holder is the perfect gift for a coffee lover who loves their Joe on the go. It quickly and firmly attaches to most armrests, including those of wheelchairs and scooters, so you can have access to that delectable brew with absolute ease. Buy Here

5. Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring & Spinning Mug

Star Wars Darth Vader Self Stirring and Spinning Mug

Do you know a nerd that lives for coffee? Oh boy do we have a brilliant gift idea for you! This coffee mug will make that special nerd in your life shriek with utter delight. It features an impression of Darth Vader himself, with the words 'The Force is Strong with This One'. That alone should have your loved one’s jaws drop to the ground.

But there’s still more! This mug uses battery-power to automatically stir the brew at just the push of a button, and is officially licensed by the Star Wars franchise. Brace yourself for one huge hug.  Buy Here

6. 30-Count Keurig K-Cups Crazy Cups Flavored Coffee 

Add a bit of variety to someone’s life! If you’re shopping around for anyone with a Keurig K-Cup brewer, then this sampler pack will make them go nuts. It contains 30 cups of some of the most interesting coffee flavors you’ll ever come across. Exciting flavors like Banana Foster Flambe, Salted Caramel, Chocolate Coconut dream, Pumpkin Vanilla Crème, and our all-time favorite, Jamaican Me Crazy. 

They hit the palate from all sorts of angles, from sweet, creamy, to wait-what-just-happened-there. It’s a tantalizing treat! Purchase Here

7. Aerobie AeroPress Coffee Maker with Tote Bag 

Now, this little gem is certain to make any caffeine-junkie hop in happiness. It may seem small, but the Aeropress brews some of the most amazing espresso-style coffee around. It works in just about one minute, can make up to 4 cups and is tiny enough to fit into a desk drawer.

And using it is incredibly simple! Simply place the bottom chamber on a mug, fill it with coffee and hot water, press down the plunger, and voila! Exquisite java that will blow anyone’s socks off! Whether it’s at home, work, or out camping, your loved one will get a convenient kick out of this.  Purchase Here

8. KeepCup 12-Ounce Brew Glass Reusable Coffee Cup 

Know someone who is passionate about saving the planet? Someone who just loves cool stuff? Then this reusable cup will definitely elicit a smile. It’s astounding just how many coffee cups we can go through, and KeepCup is on the mission to reduce our carbon footprint with this timely number.

It’s made out of toughened glass to ensure durability, has a thermal non-slip band to keep you from burning your fingers, and features an ingenious sipping hole, which is just a pure joy to use. Best thing of all? It comes in a myriad of exciting color combinations so that you can perfectly match the personality of your recipient. Mother Nature will love you!  Buy Here

9. FreshRoast Automatic Coffee Bean Roaster 

This is every coffee aficionado’s fantasy! Roasting your own beans is the first step to achieving a Nobel Prize-worthy cup of java, and the FreshRoast 500 is one of the best ways to do this.

It may take some time to really hit your stride and land on the perfect combination between temperature, speed, and time, but once you do, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without this nifty gadget. This baby features a speed roast fluid motion system with three temperature settings to roast those beans to pure perfection.

It can prepare beans for up to 20 cups of coffee, so there’ll be enough to go around every time you visit your loved one’s place to remind them how awesome you are.   Purchase Here

Seven Coffee Lover Gifts All Raped

10. Coffee Cup Modern Stacking Sterling Silver Ring

This is a brilliant gift for that special gal in your life that happens to be a coffeeholic. Why, you ask? Well, firstly, it’s made using sterling silver, which is a breathtaking sight to behold. Secondly, and most importantly, its creative design features a little coffee cup with steam rising out the top. What’s not to love!

The clever design also allows it to fit all manner of hand sizes. So whether you’re getting it for your daughter with those dainty fingers or your grandma with some shockingly large hands, they’ll all be sure to utterly cherish it.   Buy Here

11. Organic Coffee Body Scrub + Coffee Body Butter

There is something you need to know about this set: it smells amazing! Both the scrub and body lotion are made using 100% organic products such as cold pressed virgin coconut oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil.

The coffee scrub leaves your skin feeling velvety soft and the body butter simply feels heavenly. And every time you apply any of them, you get that ethereal aroma of freshly brewed coffee. How neat is that!

Any lady or guy who loves taking care of their skin and loves their cup of java will be over the moon once you give them this. Purchase Here

12. Couchmaid Table Top Solid Wood Sofa Tray 

Ever spilled a cup of coffee on the sofa while trying to balance it on the arm rest? Completely gutting, right! Well, this sofa tray is perfect for balancing that steaming cup of joe on your sofa arm as you read the morning paper or stalk people on Instagram.

The finishing on this is simply stunning and fits easily over square sofa arms. The Couchmaid tray can also be used as a lap desk, or, when the romantic bug bites you, to serve some delectable breakfast in bed to that special someone. The beautiful finishing and amazing functionality will definitely make anyone’s Christmas! Buy Here

13. Art of Appreciation Coffee Connoisseur Gourmet Food Gift Basket

Nothing says Merry Christmas like a good ol’ gift basket! Art of Appreciation have gone around the place putting together a bunch of treats that will make any coffee lover go gaga, and packed them in a wicker basket that is nothing but lovely.

Wondering what’s in the basket? Close to 20 items that’s what! Everything from a travel mug, coffee-inspired chocolate, specialty blends of coffee, to Dolcetto Tiramisu Cookies to nibble on while enjoying that java. This is hands down one of the best Christmas gifts for coffee lovers. Purchase Here 

14. Death Wish Ground Coffee, The World's Strongest Coffee

There is strong coffee that jolts you right up in the morning, and then there is Death Wish. This is billed as the world’s strongest coffee, loaded with enough caffeine to keep a bear from hibernating all through winter. The beans are carefully selected and roasted to offer a caffeine kick like no other, and this bulk 5lb bag is enough to last anyone for ages to come.

To put the cream on the coffee, Death Wish is USDA organic certified so you’re sure of getting the best from Mother Nature. For that special one that loves their java extra strong, this will be a godsend gift. Buy Here

15. Grosche Madrid French Press Coffee Maker

If there is a coffee fanatic in your life that already doesn’t have a French Press, then you ought to do them a favor and get them one. That rich, full-bodied flavor that this bad boy produces is enough to get you into anyone’s will.

A French Press should be more than just a mere coffee maker; it should be a work of art. You should go weak in the knees every time you see it sitting on that counter-top. And this one by Grosche does exactly that; combining ethereal beauty with brilliant functionality.  Purchase Here

16. Bodum Santos Stovetop Glass Vacuum Coffee Maker

Vacuum coffee maker; sounds pretty neat, right! And the Joe tastes just as delicious. This method of brewing coffee originated from England and is to be found in many fancy schmancy restaurants. But with the Bodum Santos, you can give anyone that gourmet experience right from the comfort of their home.

Every aficionado will love the fact that the brew never comes into contact with metal or plastic; just pure glass, and every human being will love the fact that this baby is insanely gorgeous! This is truly the hallmark of a unique gift. Purchase Here

17. Nespresso Aeroccino4 Milk Frother

We can all agree that cappuccinos need a public holiday dedicated to them. That frothy milk merged with a shot of espresso underneath is just a recipe for deliciousness! And if you know someone that’s passionate about their lattes and cappuccinos, then this milk frother will most certainly brighten up their mornings. The Aeroccino gets milk nice and frothy in about a minute so you can start walking on sunshine in no time.  Buy Here

18. King Duvet Cover Caffeine Lover 3D Atomic Structure

For someone that eats, breathes and sleeps coffee, then this duvet cover with a huge caffeine atomic structure plastered on it would be perfect! Plus think of all the punch lines you could come up with before handing them the gift. What’s better on a Christmas morning than some hard-to-follow caffeine jokes, right?

This king-sized duvet cover has a soft fleece top, breathable microfiber underneath, would be the first thing someone sees when they get up in the morning, and the last thing they see before they sleep. Talk about making a lasting impression!  Purchase Here

19. DIY LED Table Lamp Home Romantic Pour

Simple, quirky gifts at times have the most resonating effect. And this coffee-inspired cup lamp is as fun as it gets. It’s remarkably simple but can be customized to reflect anyone’s personality. Simply slip a Styrofoam cup over the top of the lamp and it appears as if you’re pouring out a nice stream of java; very creative!

It’s powered by plugging it into a USB port using the provided cable, or, if you’re old school like that, by using 3 x AAA batteries. If you’re looking for an affordable but unique gift, this will definitely do.  Buy Here

20. Coffee Aroma Kit - 12 Aromas (Leather Edition)

Any coffee die-hard will simply bounce off the walls once you give them this! This kit contains 12 aromas to help tune coffee smelling and tasting skills by training those olfactory cells. If that pal of yours wasn’t a coffee snob yet, there’ll sure be after this.

The aromas include tobacco, toast, vanilla, caramel and malt, among others, and come bound in a gorgeous leather sleeve. So next time you walk into a coffee house with your friend, and they start picking out every flavor in their mochaccino, as a small crowd claps in unison, you’ll have yourself to thank. Buy Here

santa's sleigh silhouette

Whether you’re picking out a gift for your significant other who admittedly loves caffeine more than they do you, or for your boss who starts every meeting by saying a little prayer thanking God for Arabica, then you’ll definitely find a gift from this list that will make their Christmas more than merry, and take their love for coffee to scarier heights.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to All!

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