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Sudden Coffee – Great Tasting Instant Coffee?

Coffee lovers and connoisseurs alike dream of the day that instant coffee can taste just as good as a fresh brew out of a percolator or drip feed machine.

However, what started off as a pipe dream is now turning into a reality thanks to Sudden Coffee.

Sudden Coffee is a brand of crystallized coffee with promises to break the preconception of instant coffee tasting dull, bitter and a joke in the coffee world.

They promise that there Crystallized coffee can taste just as good as a four dollar Starbucks for a much lower price!

Offerings Of Sudden Coffee

What Sudden Coffee Offers?

Sudden Coffee is made from single origin equator coffee sourced from high quality bean farms. These beans offer an amazing natural sweetness, smooth flavor and a breathtakingly powerful aroma.

One cultivated and picked the beans are then roasted with a top secret revolutionary new method which brews beans carefully.

They describe the brewing method on there website as a pour over which allows them to capture the fruity flavor of the coffee without the bitterness unlike many other instant coffee brands.

Once roasted, the beans are then freeze dried in small batches using a vacuum to maintain superior quality control which is not common practice among many big name companies.

Free Trial

Sudden Coffee can be ordered initially via a free trial, which originally started off as a seven dollar flat fee, but has now been reduced and is free to encourage new customers to give them a try.

Two Capsules Of Sudden Coffee

The free trial comes with two portions of their latest batch of instant coffee pictured above.

However, while the coffee itself is free, Sudden charge a three dollar shipping fee which we believe is reasonable. They promise that the coffee will be at your doorstep with in three to five days.


Sudden coffee comes into its own with its subscription pack which can be catered towards your consumption level.

Eight Cup Subscription Coffee

It can be purchased as part of an eight cup plan, sixteen cup plan, and a twenty four cup plan. These plans can be purchased as little or as often as you like.

The eight cup plan - This plan is suited to much more casual drinkers and would last just over a week for one coffee a day drinkers.

We would recommend trying this plan after the free trial to see what works for you.

This plan works out at twenty two dollars, for the eight cups and therefore $2.75 per cup. This is an expensive way to consume your coffee but still much cheaper than a daily trip to Starbucks or Costa.

The sixteen cup plan - This plan is much better suited to perhaps a couple of morning coffee consumers or perhaps a homeowner who’s consumption level is a little bit higher.

This plan is forty dollars which works out at $2.50 per cup. We feel that this is a much more reasonable price to pay for coffee and buying in bulk will make much more financial sense.

The twenty four cup plan - This option is the most cost effective coffee solution for the savvy slurper. By purchasing this option your coffee will come in a pouch and not individual tubes making the manufacturing costs lower and therefore the price.

This option costs forty two dollars for the pouch bringing the cost of each cup to $1.75 making it much, much cheaper than the other plans Sudden Coffee offer.

Sudden Coffee rotate their coffee every three to six months to keep your taste buds constantly guessing and to offer you plenty of new flavors to enjoy!

The Helpful Additional Information

The story of how Sudden Coffee came about is rather fascinating.

Sudden Coffee Pack And Cup

The brand was created by Joshua Zloof who was a busy entrepreneur who after tasting what can only be described as an amazing brew he became fascinated by coffee and a connoisseur.

He noticed a major gap in the market for the need for amazing coffee, without taking a lot of time to brew.

After first bringing out his coffee, he and his team have been constantly changing the way they make their coffee and have perfected it down to an art form.

The brand seems to also be gaining more and more popularity having been reviewed by The New York Times, and Vice Munchies.

The New York Times described the coffee as “instant coffee you actually want to drink”.


Overall we absolutely love Sudden Coffee. We have written up a little pro’s and con’s list to help you decide if this is the brand for you. Please note that these are our personal opinions and you the coffee lover are more than free to agree or disagree with us!

Free Trial - Sudden Coffee 720x300

The Pros

Packaging - One of the things we loved about Sudden Coffee is the small capsules you get when you order the eight and sixteen pack plan.

These are rather unique and they are also reusable which is great for taking coffee on the go!

Differing plan options - We also loved the differing plan packages you can purchase with Sudden Coffee. Many other subscription model based coffee brands only offer the bulkier packages meaning you can get bored of only one specific flavour of coffee.

With the smaller pack options this brand offers, you can rotate your coffee without worrying about lots of wasted coffee!

INSTANT! - The main thing however we love about Sudden, is that ultimately its instant coffee. This is great because instant coffee is mess free, really quick and gives you that caffeine hit which you ultimately desire. 

This is the cornerstone of which this brand is built on and we really feel the quality they offer is on a new level to the other mainstream brands.

The Cons

Price - The pricing structure of Sudden Coffee almost forces you to go for the larger twenty four cup plan.

While this option is a lot cheaper than the others (cost per cup ratio) many consumers like to have the choice and a fairer pricing structure.

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