Sensorwake Alarm Clock- Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Sensorwake Alarm Clock: Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

Hey, you know that heavenly smell of freshly-brewed coffee? The one that makes you shut your eyes, get this sheepish smile on your face, forget all your worries, and drift slowly to cloud nine? How neat would it be if you could wake up to that every single morning! Well, thanks to a new contraption called Sensorwake, your wildest dreams are about to come true.

Sensorwake Espresso Aroma


This $109 olfactory alarm clock, invented by French engineering student Guillame Rolland, strives to change the way we all wake up. Normally, your Smartphone lets out this jarring alarm at 6 in the morning. You grunt out some expletive. Hit the snooze button. End up waking up 10 minutes past your report time at work. Now you’re out of another job. But Sensorwake goes about things differently.

How it works


How it Works

This nifty alarm clock relies on your nose, not your ears, to get you out of that duvet. It uses dry-air diffusion and a capsule to create an intense scent that ought to wake you up within two minutes. That’s right! No screeching sounds that scare you within an inch of your life every single morning. All you have to do is load one of the scent capsules, set your clock just like you’d normally do, get some beauty sleep, and come sunrise you’ll be awakened by the smell of coffee or five other scents.

Scent Options

Here’s where it gets exciting. There are 6 different scents that come bundled in related pairs, developed by renowned scent giant Givaudan. For the caffeine-junkies out there, the Continental Breakfast pack was designed just for you. It comes with an espresso capsule and one that mimics freshly-baked croissants. We’re pretty sure that’s what heaven smells like! So if you pass by your local coffee shop every morning just to creepily take a whiff, then quickly dash off, this is the pack you ought to try out.

Sensorwake Scents


To add a bit of variety you can also sample the ‘Enjoy the Break’ pack that comes with seaside and lush jungle capsules. Or the ‘Vitalization Aromatherapy’ pack that includes chocolate and peppermint; yum! Each pack will set you back around $10.90 and each capsule should see you through 30, hopefully pleasant, awakenings.

What if you don’t Wake Up!

Relax. There is a backup alarm that goes off after 3 minutes of that sweet espresso scent being pumped around you. So if at all your nose is blocked due to a nasty cold, or for some reason that chocolate scent drives you deeper into that weird Willy Wonka dream, a regular old, noisy alarm will scare you back to reality.

Safety Certification

Can a scent so intense to wake you up from that sweet dream be any safe? Well, a couple of international organizations seem to think so. They include REACH, CARB and IFRA; and you know any organization that goes by an acronym knows its stuff. According to the creators, Sensorwake doesn’t use any heat or chemical reactions in its function. The capsules are also 100% recyclable, so you can be sure Mother Nature is smiling wherever she might be.

How Efficient Is It?

Don’t trust your nose to fight off the Sandman? Well, you just might be selling it short. According to a press release, over 99% of testers woke up to the Sensorwake within two minutes. So while there has been some research to suggest that smells are not sufficient at waking someone during deep sleep, and that’s why you have smoke alarms in the house, apparently this olfactory alarm’s scents are strong enough to do just this. Finally, the nose gets the credit it’s always deserved!


If you’re like everybody else dying to get your hands on this godsend gizmo right the next minute, you’re out of luck. Sensorwake is expected to start shipping to those who backed it on Kickstarter by June 2016, and be available to everyone else by the time November streams in. So you’re still in for a few more months of being woken up by that beeping sound that makes your blood boil. Hang in there.

It seems the coffee gods have finally smiled down upon humankind and granted us with a bit of happiness. No wait, a whole lot of it! The whole idea of being woken up to the smell of ethereal espresso is enough to inspire world peace. So, if caffeine is your everything or you know someone that worships java like the second coming of Christ, then you can pre-order this baby for $109 and make those mornings a little less miserable.

Update: You can now buy the Sensorwake Alarm Clock from Amazon.

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