Out of the Grey Coffee Service

Out Of The Grey Coffee Service

Coffee has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. But it is only recently that we have been able to experience the unique quality and differences that exist in different coffee growing regions of the world. Now, coffee lovers in the United States can enjoy a cup brewed from beans grown in Kenya or Vietnam or Guatemala.

Blended Destinations Coffee Pairings

Out of the Grey Coffee opens up the wide world of delicious coffees even further by delivering amazing single origins and blends right to your doorstep! So if you’re tired of bitter and tasteless store bought coffees, you should consider ordering from Out of the Grey Coffee.

What They Offer

For those of you who already know the difference in flavor and experience that a high quality coffee can bring, you probably won’t need much convincing about why their coffees are so exceptional. But let’s take a look at what exactly they are offering:

  • 54 varieties of single origin coffees
  • 32 proprietary blends made from the world’s best coffees
  • The option to create (and brand!) your own custom coffee blend
  • The option to buy blends created by other customers
  • ​An awesome loyalty program that earns you points (beans) towards discounts and free stuff.
  • Over 90 different kinds of flavored coffees
  • A decaf option on any coffee you choose
  • The ability to choose the exact grind size you need for your brewing method (and of course you can always order whole bean).
  • Lots of helpful information on the website to help you become a smarter coffee connoisseur
  • Fair trade and other responsible trading certified coffees to ensure that you are supporting a sustainable global economy with your morning jolt.

Creating Custom Blends

So as you can see, there is quite a lot on offer here. What is perhaps most unique about their service is the ability to create your own blend. This will take your passion for coffee to the next level by letting you create a blend that has precisely the flavors and experiences that you enjoy.

It also makes an excellent and creative gift option. Because not only are you able to make a blend that reflects the person you are gifting it to but you can create a custom brand that they will print on the packaging!

Create your own custom flavor

Any blend you create can be offered in the section where they sell their customers’ creations. Each time someone else chooses to buy your blend, you’ll get points toward your loyalty account which contribute toward discounts and other special offers!

The Loyalty Program

That’s another feature we wanted to talk about: the loyalty program. This is a great feature because, if you’re like us and every other coffee drinker we know, you drink coffee on a pretty regular basis. It’s as much a staple in your home as bread and butter.

When you just grab a bag of beans at the store while grocery shopping, you’re not earning points toward anything. With this loyalty program, each purchase will give you points and with enough points, you can get some pretty amazing discounts on your future coffee purchases.

Loyalty Program

So, since coffee is something you have to buy regularly anyway, it’s nice to know that every so often, you’ll get a great discount on your order.

Information To Make You A Smarter Coffee Drinker

In addition to their exceptional line of high quality coffees and great service, they also want to make sure that you are able to recognize the quality in your cup. On their website, you can find a lot of information about:

  • How to taste coffee (the way that a sommelier would taste wine)
  • How to grind coffee for different brewing methods
  • ​How to tell when you’re coffee is fresh and how to keep your coffee fresher for longer
  • ​How coffee is grown, processed, and roasted.
  • And more.

They’re not just trying to pass any bag of beans off as the good stuff in hopes that you have no idea how to tell the difference. They really are just as invested in making sure you are an educated consumer as you are.

We could go on and on about the different features. And if we started talking about how impressive their different coffees are, this review would have to become book length. They’re just a great service for anyone who drinks coffee.

Things To Consider

When you are buying quality coffee, especially coffee that is fair trade or otherwise bought and sold with a philosophy social responsibility, then you will have to be prepared to pay a premium. This is not the cheap generic store brand coffee-like powder you get at a grocery store.

This kind of specialty coffee is not easy to find in most stores and in many towns, it just isn’t available anywhere. So the prices are notably higher than what you see in the store. But the difference is really, really worth it. After the first sip, you’ll wonder how you ever put up with drinking the bitter, stale sludge you get from cheap brands.

High Quality Imported Coffee

And plus, if you take some time to learn more about coffee brewing methods and get yourself a kitchen scale, you will actually be able to use less coffee beans to make a pot because there is an actual craft to brewing.

The rich flavors of your specialty beans come out better when you brew using the right ratio of beans to water. And, in most cases, people use way more coffee than they actually need to which doesn’t necessarily make your coffee “stronger” because if you overfill, you can’t evenly extract all of the flavor. Whole patches of your coffee grounds will be dry or only partially extracted.

Final Word

While this is a premium service with prices to match, you are getting so much more for your dollar in quality, in sustainable consumption, in choice and customizability and more. And if you take the time to learn how to brew coffee smartly, you won’t burn through your supply so quickly making it a little more cost effective. We highly recommend ordering a bag to see the difference. You’ll be hooked after your first cup!

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