How To Use A Coffee Maker

How To Use A Coffee Maker

Many people enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee the first thing in the morning as a boost for the rest of the day. Then, some enjoy a cup of coffee when they are tired or after a long day’s work. This article explains how you could make yourself a great cup of coffee whenever you want at the comfort of your home or office. A coffee maker, as you know, is a machine which is used to brew coffee. Let us take a look at how to get that perfect brew consistently and on demand.

There are different methods of brewing coffee. Earlier, people used to use percolators, also known as the drip method of making coffee. These methods are still used in many parts of the world, but are a tad bit cumbersome.

As technology has developed, there is a growing demand for better coffee making and espresso machines. The market is inundated with different types of coffee makers. You could choose any of them that suit your style. However, the basics of coffee making remain the same no matter which kind of machine you are using.

Manual Coffee Maker

Most households have the regular drip type machines. A hardcore coffee enthusiast may not be impressed looking at this simple machine, but hey it is for this simplicity that we use them.

The only disadvantage this method has is that you would have to use the coffee powder only. Your machine may not have the grinder fitted in for a freshly brewed cup. Let us take a look at how you do it:

Here are 5 Steps on how to use a coffee maker

1. Coffee Filter

The coffee filter contains a membranous material. This material is sometimes made of a special kind of paper that has pores in it to allow the percolation process. You need to check which kind of filter your machine uses. If it is a disposable one then it most likely is a paper based filter. Some machines contain a permanent filter.

2. Put Coffee Power Into Filter

Now, put the coffee powder into the filter. Different types of coffee brews demand different consistencies of powder. If you would like a more delicate flavor of then a coarser coffee powder might be required. For most coffee brews the regular medium ground powder works just fine.

3. Add Water

Depending on how many cups of coffee you are making you would be choosing the right amount of water. Take care not to use too much as the strength of the coffee depends on this. If you like a stronger brew, then go for a little less water. This always proportionate to the amount of powder that has gone inside the filter.

4. Switch On The Machine

Once you have put the powder and put in water inside the chamber, sit back and relax until a perfect brew of coffee is ready in your kettle.

5. Serve

The coffee machine turns itself off once all the water has been empty and the filtering process is complete. You may now remove the kettle and serve the coffee as you desire.

As discussed in the beginning there are a number of different types of coffee makers. Now, let us look at some added features that are available now with coffee makers.

There is also a hot plate where you keep your coffee pot. This heats up when the machine is switched on to keep your coffee warm.

Fully Automatic and Programmable Coffee Makers

Unlike the ordinary manual coffee makers, the fully automatic ones are loaded with features that come in handy for people with varied needs. The automatic ones can be used when you want your coffee to brew at a certain time of the day.

For instance, if you want your coffee early in the morning, then you could program your coffee maker to prepare coffee just a few minutes before you wake up. All you need to do is program your machine for the time you require and put in the required coffee beans, add the required quantity of water. The rest will be done for you.

Check for the number of cups the coffee maker would be able to make before purchasing. Most machines offer a wide range of capacity that can be handled. Also, look out for features such as automatic and programmable versions.

Some machines have a built-in grinder for grinding the coffee beans. This feature is desirable as you would be able to have a freshly ground brew. The coarseness of the beans can also be controlled using these machines.

Many new models have grinding tools that offers from coarse to fine grinds. You can choose the right one for you depending on your tastes.

Steps To Follow In An Automatic Machine

1. Check Filter

This step depends on the type of machine that you are using. You could use a paper filter and there is a reusable Gold Tone filter too in the machine that filters your coffee giving you a perfectly blended cup.

2. Add Beans

Add your coffee beans in the grinder that is normally at the top of the machine. Choose your coffee beans so that you get the desired strength of coffee.

3. Add Water

Depending on the number of cups that you require, add water into the machine. Most machines will require you to add at least two cups of water before you switch on the machine.

4. Choose Required Program

Once all the above steps are complete, you will now choose the programs for the machine.

5. Allow To Complete

The coffee machine will then complete the program that you entered and will automatically switch off.

6. Serve

Your coffee is now ready to be served.

Key points

While using an automatic coffee machine is a very convenient method for brewing coffee, there are a few points that you would like to remember:

  • Powder Texture

You can choose the texture of your coffee powder. For this you will need to set the coarseness button to the desired level. Coffee needs to interact with water to release its flavor. For a rich tasting coffee, you would need to choose the right amount of grinding of beans. There are three types of grinding coarse, medium and fine.

  • Water

Most machines need a minimum amount of water to be put regardless of how many cups of coffee you need. Take care to read the instructions before you decide on the amount of water required for your machine. Most machines use up all of the water.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance

It is very important that you clean your machine and filters as frequently as possible. Over time salt in the water gets accumulated inside and can affect the taste of the coffee.

  • Removing the Grind

Once your coffee has been brewed do remember to remove the coffee grinds that would have been collected in the machine. Remove the grinds and clean the basket.

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