Here is how to make Turkish coffee

How to Make Turkish Coffee: Your Complete Brewing Guide

When you think of Turkey you will most likely be reminded of the rich flavorful coffee that is an important part of the Turkish culture. Also known for its strength and intensity, the act of drinking Turkish Coffee is a ritual to be shared with friends, family, and community. In fact, Turkish Coffee is so much a part of Turkish culture, that in 2013 it was recognized by the United Nations as on the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. 

The brewing of Turkish Coffee is no less a ritual than drinking it is. You see, it uses one of the most unique coffee brewing methods in the world to create strong, intense flavors that make it famous. In Turkey, the process is handed down through generations, fathers sharing it with their sons and mothers with their daughters.

However, you too can learn how to make Turkish Coffee!

Turkish Coffee Brewing Guide

Traditional Turkish coffee pot

Gather Your Ingredients and Equipment:

  • A real Turkish coffee pot, which are traditionally wide bottom pots made of copper, with a handle.
  • High-quality coffee that has been ground extremely fine.
  • Cold filtered water.

The coffee is the most important thing for making real Turkish coffee. We recommend you buy a traditional Turkish blend or a dark roast from your local supermarket. 

Moreover, if you are not an experienced grinder, we do not recommend grinding your own. The beans need to be ground extremely fine, much more so than regular coffee. Most home equipment will not be able to get the grind right. And if you don’t get the grind right, you can’t make a good cup!

Also note, your coffee also needs to be really fresh; it won’t foam properly if the coffee has been sitting getting stale in your cupboard.

Here's How to Make Turkish Coffee

Start With Your Filtered Water

Add water to the pot. If you want to keep it traditional, use the cup that you intend to drink out of to add the water to the pot, rather than a usual kitchen cup measurement. A good rule of thumb is to use 1 ½ cups of water per cup of coffee that you want to make.

Keep some water aside to add to the pot as it brews.

Next, Add Your Coffee

As a rough guide, if you are making one cup of coffee then you should use two teaspoons of ground coffee.

Once the water is in the pot, add the ground coffee and let it saturate into the water. Don’t stir it when you first add it in, just let it settle.

If you want to add sugar now, then do so. Depending on how sweet you want, you could up to two cubes into the mix. But traditional coffee lovers will leave a cube of sugar in their cup, waiting for the hot brew to be poured on top.

Turkish coffee brewing on stovetop

It's Time to Let it Brew

Leave the pot to brew slowly on your stove. Don’t try to rush it, just let it boil away. You should stir it a few times in the beginning, but not too much.

Keep an eye on the pot, don’t let the coffee sink and watch the water level – if it overflows adjust the heat if it evaporates too much add a little more in. You are watching for the coffee to brew and a nice creamy top to develop.

Once a full creamy top is visible, your coffee is ready!

Take it to The Next Level

If you want to really impress your guests, you could add in an extra fancy step:

  • Just before the coffee boils and a layer of foam has developed on the top, remove the pot from the heat.
  • Use a teaspoon to scoop out the foamy top and distribute it evenly into each coffee cup.
  • Then return to the heat and boil properly. Once it boils, the coffee is finished.
  • Remove from the heat and pour evenly into the cups, on top of the foam.
Pair of hands serving Turkish coffee

Serving Your Turkish Coffee

Brewing the coffee is just the first stage in the process – then you have to serve it! Pour it into a cup, a small, delicate cup made of light china or porcelain is best. If you didn’t add sugar in the brewing process, leave a small cube in the bottom of the cup before you pour in the coffee.

Once poured, allow it to settle for a few moments. If you drink too quickly, the grounds will still be floating through the brew and it will taste gritty. It may need a few minutes, but it won’t cool too quickly so don’t rush it.

When your coffee is ready, drink it like the Turkish do, by sipping slowly, chatting with friends and enjoying the experience.  You might want to serve it with a slice of baklava or Turkish delight to cut through the bitter taste of the coffee.

Final Thoughts

They say practice makes perfect. So, with enough patience and practice to get the technique right, soon you will be making a cup of Turkish coffee at home that makes you feel like you are in Istanbul!

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