Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Review

Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee Maker Review

The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is considered  a perfectly thought out household coffee maker which continues to receive great reviews for brewing a great tasting cups of brewed coffee. It is very easy to use and quick as well. The best part is that you can even choose the brand, strength and flavor of coffee that you really prefer. Since it can only brew a single cup at a time, you can easily vary the flavor of every cup.

Simply choose between 8 or 14 ounces of coffee for every cup, as well as the “bold” or “regular” setting in order to perfectly suit your tastes. This particular coffee maker model can also accommodate a thermal travel mug, while it may also be adjusted in order to brew into a cup or mug. At the same time, this unit also comes with two scoops, along with a convenient hook located on the side in order to hang one on.

Hamilton Beach 49981A Coffee Maker Features

  • Plastic water reservoir (single-use)
  • Personal coffee maker (single-use)
  • Uses ground coffee (not just single service pods or packs)
  • Proportions of coffee come with makers on the single serve scoop filter
  • Its built-in adjustable cup can hold larger mugs as well as standar-size cups
  • Brews 8 ounce coffee in about 90 seconds or less, and 14 ounces in less than 2.5 minutes
  • Wider drip tray serves as a spill-resistant drain which can avoid an excess in the coffee
  • No need to use paper filters because of its steel mesh scoop filter that is included
  • Stainless steel, durable features that ensure the longevity of the coffee maker
  • Regular and bold coffee settings
  • Auto shutdown feature after brewing
  • UL Rated - Household Use Only
  • BPA free plastic parts which come in contact with water



Here are some notable pros of the Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker:

  • Produces good flavored, hot coffee
  • Economical use of eletricity
  • No need to deal with water or paper coffee filters
  • No need to make good use of special type of water.. However, bottled or filtered water is highly recommended for achieving the best taste
  • Can accommodate travel mugs
  • Easier to operate as compared to other machines that use capsules, pods or K-Cups
  • Great option to choose between brewing 8 or 14 ounces of tea or coffee
  • Effectively produces water for hot chocolate, tea, instant oatmeal, and many more
  • Comes with bold and regular settings with various coffee strenghts
  • Accommodates ground coffee even from third party brands (of any flavor)
  • Small size - perfect for dorm rooms, small kitchens, home offices, RVs, and for road travel


Here are some notable cons of the Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker:

  • Hot water reservoir not included. Thus, brewer needs to heat and brew every single cup separately
  • Needs to do trial and error before getting the desired strength and taste of coffee
  • Splattering issues may occur (caused by too much space in between the spout and the mug)
  • Coffee may drip after completed brewing
  • Only listed for household use

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The Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker is available to purchase on Amazon for


The Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is a popular machine because of its features. A regular cup of coffee is ready after brewing for 90 seconds. At the same time, it can also accommodate a travel mug. This single cup drip coffee is perfect for personal use which enables you to brew coffee of any brand or flavor which is of standard grind. You can easily adjust coffee strength with the use of more or less water, finer or coarser grind, even though finer grinds can result the machine to possibly overflow.

For a mess free brewing, it is recommended to use a looser and coarser grind. Your coffee may be directly scooped in by using the accompanying scoop filter, one that is placed in its filter holder, making it very easy to use and setup for brewing. There is an LED light which notifies you whether the coffee is still brewing. It automatically goes off after completing. This coffee maker can shut itself off after brewing. This unit is very cheap.

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Hamilton Beach 49981A Single Serve Scoop Coffee Maker

Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker Comparison

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In order to make the best decision when it comes to choosing the best coffee maker, it is best to know what your options are. In the world of coffee makers, there are primary brands that gain the attention of many coffee lovers. Aside from Hamilton, another known brand is Keurig. Keurig Mini Plus is a great household coffee option. This tank has the capacity to hold about 10 ounces of water. For this, you need to add water every time you brew. You can easily control the strength and size of the coffee cup by selecting the right K-Cup type. 

Another player in this industry is the Black and Decker Coffee Maker. Its sneak a cup feature is what makes this model different. It comes with an option that allows you to pause the process to pour the coffee out. Aside from that, it also comes with an auto-shut off option which turns the unit off after two hours. 

Hamilton, on the other hand, is great because of its flexibility. It can allow you to choose the amount of coffee to brew, allows you to use other brands, and can even accommodate travel mugs. Now that you have an idea of the options that are available, it is best to identify what your needs are in order to choose well. 

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