Coffee trends in 2018

Cool and Eccentric Coffee Crazes to Expect in 2018

Coffee is one of the tastiest and most popular drinks throughout the globe. We are certain that everyone has tasted it at least one time in their life.

A lot of people consider it an absolute requirement, especially in the mornings, and feel that they can’t live without it, while many think of coffee as just a matter of a trend, and some think the only good place for coffee is from one of the office coffee machines.

No matter which of these coffee loving groups you belong to, you will appreciate this list of crazy coffee trends in 2018, carry on reading to check out the full list.

#1. Coffee Cocktails

Espresso martini coffee cocktail

That’s right, coffee cocktails are going to be on the rise in 2018 according to industry trend experts (of course there are industry trend experts, how else will we know what we should like this year?).

Expect to see your favorite coffee based cocktails plastered all over the drinks menus which will feature delicious beverages such as:

This list will also include an array of new coffee cocktails, yet to be tried and tested by the average coffee drinker.

Apparently, this trend is going to be caused by millennial's who are hoping to socialize more and ‘find their next big thing’, which includes trying out various palettes of flavor that no one before them has tried.

I’m not sure about you, but speaking as a millennial, I don’t think we need another reason to go out and socialize that is based around alcohol. We might benefit from the opposite.

#2. Nitro Coffee

Frothy Nitro Cold Brew Coffee

What is nitro coffee I hear you ask? It is in essence, cold brewed coffee that has been infused with nitrogen gas that created a rich, smooth, foamy texture which a lot of people have claimed holds similarities to craft beer. 

You can find many nitro beers in cans in supermarkets that make them easily portable and simple to consume.

Apparently we have the millennial generation (yet again) to blame for this trend and the nitro coffee appears to the hip millennial market of which 20% would consider purchasing one.

#3. Mushroom Coffee

Mushrooms For Coffee

You may not be able to believe this, but according to some supermarkets, the hottest coffee trend of 2018 could be mushroom-infused coffee. This may not sounds like the most appealing thing in the world, and indeed, many mushrooms don’t pair well with a coffee.

The mushrooms that taste best with coffee are in fact reishim chaga, cordyceps and lion’s mane. Although, much like the avocado and kale smoothies that took the beverage world by storm the last few years.

It seems that mushroom based bevvies will be the next big thing when it comes to luxury coffee.

#4. Rainbow Lattes

Rainbow lattes are becoming more and more popular in the luxury coffee world these days. Firstly, they are extremely Instagrammable, this means that they look absolutely excellent in snaps for your social media.

Besides that, they also look spectacular in real life. No matter how you feel about these, the fact is that they deliver a lovely dash of baristas’ skill and passion for coffee, as they were the ones who started adding different food coloring's to coffee.

#5. Coffee Cones

That’s right! We have to concur that it seems a bit impractical, but the fact of the matter is that the cones used are created explicitly to be able to handle coffee, so that they don’t get all soggy and break as soon as you pour boiling hot coffee in them.

These super sweet and tasty coffee cones are usually lined on the inside with chocolate and sometimes sprinkles, which makes them even more eye-catching and tasty.

Nevertheless, you should keep it in mind that the chocolate does melt and the cone will become quite soggy if you leave it too long!

Final Thoughts For Coffee Trends In 2018

It looks like 2018 is going to be a pretty crazy year for all of you coffee-lovers out there. With such an array of choices to pick from when you decide to go for an afternoon coffee with friends, there’s no way of knowing how you are going to decide!

Will it be a tipsy coffee based liquid lunch, or a more fungus based mushroom coffee with a savory snack? The choice is yours. But remember, a classic latte is still king!

***Have you tried any of these crazy coffee trends in 2018, or have a trend that you would like us to add? Let us know in the comments below!

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