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Coffee Machine History – The Best Creation Ever!!!

Each day millions of people around the world start their day with a cup of coffee. Now, we are able to use devices to help us create the perfect blend. However, the sophisticated coffee machines that we have today are the culmination of years of research and development.

To help you gain a better appreciation of the humble coffeemaker, let’s take a look at the history of these machines.

The Invention of Coffee

Our story begins with the invention of coffee. There are a few conflicting reports about how this happened. The most entertaining, though, is that a local goat-herder discovered the bean when he noticed that, after eating it, his goats became more energetic.

Wide eyed goats after eating coffee beans

This encouraged him to try it for himself. When he discovered its effects, he passed it to the local monks, who used it in their rituals. Which in turn helped spread the word and grow more interested in the benefits of the coffee bean.

Over time, the popularity of coffee started to grow, as more people started to enjoy the beverage. Perhaps one of the most significant historical moments is the Boston Tea Party. Protesting a refusal by the British to pay taxes on tea, Americans boarded their ships and threw the shipment of tea into the harbor.

This act encouraged more people to try drinking coffee. Because of this, the popularity of this beverage started to slowly increase throughout the world. As it did, more and more people started to try to improve the way that coffee was brewed.

Ibrik Method

Turkish coffee made with the ibrik method

Around the 14th Century, in the Ottoman Empire, the beginnings of a coffee machine started to be seen. This was with the creation of the Ibrik Method of brewing. Before this method, it took a long time to make a prepared coffee. In some cases, up to five hours.

For this reason, the Turkish people made a pot that heated the coffee beans until they were almost boiling, then cooled them down. After repeating this process several times, the coffee could be served.

This greatly reduced the waiting time, without diminishing the taste. In addition, as people could brew it faster, they could start to make coffee part of their daily routine.

The French Press

The next step in the evolution of the coffee machine was the French press. This was a relatively simple, yet effective, design. Boiling water was added to the coffee grounds, allowing the flavor to infuse. Then, the user would push down a plunger. This would trap the beans at the bottom of the canister, and the coffee would be released.

Because of its simplicity, this could be used by soldiers on the battlefield, further helping spread the love of coffee.

Vacuum Coffee

Three friends watching a vacuum coffee maker

Science continued to advance, as people started to look for more innovative ways to brew coffee. This led to the discovery of vacuum coffee.

This works by featured two chambers. In the bottom, the water is heated. As the pressure increases, the water vapor wants to escape from the chamber. This forces it into the upper chamber, where the coffee beans are placed. The hot water goes over the beans, allowing the coffee flavor to be infused.

As the device starts to cool, the water falls back into the bottom chamber. This marks the end of the boiling process, allowing you to serve the coffee.

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Drip Brewers

In the 1970s and 1980s, many people started to experiment with drip brewers. These slowly filter water through the coffee beans. This method of brewing is very slow. For this reason, it has started to come slowly out of favor with the general public.

However, it did introduce the idea of having a high-quality cup of coffee that you can brew at home. This laid the groundwork for the pod machine and at-home espresso machine.

Pod Machines

Man making coffee in a pod coffee machine

Another recent innovation is the pod machine. In this case, the coffee is already packaged into a pod. You then place it into the device, hit a button, and have a cup of coffee ready within minutes. Generally, there are multiple settings for you to choose from, depending on how large your cup size is or the type of coffee that you are making.

While these devices have been praised for their convenience, they do have some detractors. For example, it’s generally agreed that the espresso machine is able to produce a more flavorful drink. In addition, some people have criticized the amount of waste that these devices produce.

Espresso Machines

Antique Espresso Machine

Finally, one of the most significant parts of the coffee machine history occurred when the espresso machine was created. Originally, these machines would have been manually operated and powered by steam. In this type of machine, the water would be boiled, then pumped through a small puck of coffee. Which allowed more flavor to be extracted from the coffee beans. 

This method of production started to slowly spread throughout the world. For example, in the 1950s, espresso made its way to the United Kingdom. Once there, it came to the United States, inspiring several restaurant chains. For this reason, espresso has become one of the most popular types of coffee in the world.

In response to the increased interest, the ways of making espresso coffee have evolved. They started to become easier to operate. Now, most machines are driven by an electric pump, which forces the water through the coffee beans.

In addition, you will now be able to find a range of automatic or semi-automatic espresso machines. Some of these devices will also feature a steam wand. Which is used for frothing liquids, making your coffee appear more beautiful. This makes it easier than ever for you to enjoy a delicious, restaurant-quality coffee. 

In fact, there are now so many models available that people struggle to choose the right one. If this is the case, you might want to read this automatic espresso machine buying guide.

The Future of Coffee

As we’ve seen coffee has evolved significantly through time. Hopefully, this has given you a new appreciation for the device that you use to brew your morning brew.

Today, people have grown accustomed to having a high-quality cup of coffee at home. Because of the convenience and simplicity of these machines, the number of people brewing at home has increased dramatically.

In the future, this trend looks set to continue. This means that more advancements will be made in the way that coffee is brewed, allowing you to extract even more flavor. So, coffee lovers will be able to look forward to even more innovative machines in the future. 

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