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Types of Coffee Drinks Around the World

What is coffee? It’s a six letter word. Wait! A drink? Yes, you are right. Coffee is a brewed drink prepared from roasted coffee beans! Which is actually the seed of a piece of fruit, known as a coffee cherry.

Coming back to ‘coffee’, I bet you’ve heard this line many times - “Hey!! Grab a cup of coffee.” But do you know this “Coffee” can be your mood lifter at times or a conversation starter too.

Can you tell us some popular types of coffee that are available on the market? Not to worry, settle in with your favorite beverage and we’ll tell you some of the most famous coffee drinks around the world available today. 

Here we go...

Twelve Different Coffee Drinks Around The World

Most Popular Coffee Drinks Around the World

  • Espresso (originated from Italy)
  • Mazagran (originated from Algeria)
  • Doppio
  • Circle
  • Circle
    Café del Tiempo
  • Circle
  • Circle
    Cappuccino (Italian)
  • Circle
    The Eyes
  • Circle
  • Circle

Espresso: is not a coffee bean or a roasting style, but a brewing process.

Now, what about the taste? With fresh beans, reliable equipment, and a skilled barista (a person who serves in a coffee bar), espresso can be vibrant, smooth, and satisfying.

Espresso is a concentrated form of coffee that is served in “shots”. Here are the terms for the most common espresso-only drinks:

Shot: one serving of espresso.

Doppio: (Italian word) a double shot of espresso.

Ristretto: concentrated serving of espresso with more intense flavor and less bitterness.

Flower Decoration On A Cappuccino

Some Popular Espresso Drinks

  • 1
    Cappuccino: You all must be aware of the famous cappuccino. this beverage is made up of steamed milk by adding espresso shot in it. Cappuccino is loved almost by everyone in the whole world.
  • 2
    Café Latte: Steamed milk with a double shot of espresso.
  • 3
    Café Americano: Perfect choice for those who love a non-fuss cup of coffee but crave the strength of an espresso.
  • 4
    Red Eye: A shot of espresso on top of a cup of regular coffee.
  • 5
    Flat White: This drink is much creamy and glossy and is almost similar to cafe latte and has been originated from Australia and New Zealand.

Irish Coffee

Do you like whiskey? Or don't mind adding whiskey in coffee? Then this one will suit you. To prepare this, you need brewed coffee, whisky and cream. Do you want to know the ideal serving? Here it is - brown sugar, French press coffee, Irish whiskey, heavy cream in a glass.

Vienna Coffee In A White Cup

Vienna Coffee

Add two shots of espresso and whipped cream then your Vienna Coffee is ready.

Mochachino or Mocha

Its origin is from Italy. It’s also known as hot chocolate because it is made from chocolate powder or it may be a chocolate syrup.


Basically this espresso is poured over ice-cream or any desert so it’s not really coffee.

Turkish Coffee On A Wood Background

Turkish Coffee

It’s light and sweet, originated from Turkey and is an unfiltered coffee. Did you know, UNESCO confirmed this coffee as an “intangible cultural heritage of Turkey”?

Café Cubano

Cafe Cubano is Cuba’s version of espresso. Popular in Cuba and in some parts of Florida (Miami).

Cafe de Olla, Coke And Pastry

Café de Olla

This Mexican coffee is made with cinnamon and piloncillo (Mexican sugar) and this coffee is popular all over Latin America.


Buna traditional coffee of Ethiopia. Typically, Buna is served with salt or butter.

Frappe With Coffee Beans Floating In It On A Blue Background


Originated from Greece and a much loved chilled beverage in this Mediterranean region. The serving will be 2 tablespoons of instant coffee with 15 ml sugar water, 90 ml cold water, 3-5 ice cubes and 90 ml coffee foam glass.

Café au Lait

Cafe au Lait is coffee served with steamed or hot milk or scalded milk.

Six Espresso Based Coffee Cups

The Eyes

This one is for rich & power coffee drinkers. In another way, you can say more & more coffee. 

The Four Types of Eyes
  • Circle
    Lazy Eye
  • Circle
    Black Eye
  • Circle
    Red Eye
  • Circle
    Dead Eye
Here, we’ll discuss the Black Eye

Ideally Black Eye means 60 ml Espresso with 120 ml decaffeinated dripped coffee in a 200 ml cup. In general, black coffee can be prepared by adding two shots of espresso with dripped coffee but without milk and sugar.

Are you familiar with the term “shots”? Let us explain this in brief. Black Coffee Shots are a shot of black coffee containing 40 mg of caffeine. These shots do nothing but add caffeine to your beverage to make you energetic or feel awake.

Note: if you take more than required amount of caffeine you may experience a headache or upset stomach or it can result in a fast heartbeat.

Again coming back to black coffee shots… do you know black coffee has almost 0 calories? Does this sounds good? Not only this, black coffee gives you a healthier liver, lowers your risk for cancer, reduce your chances for Alzheimer.

Well, black coffee is no doubt a popular & healthier drink but if you add sugar or too much cream in a black coffee shot, then the benefits of your black coffee will be diluted.

Iced Coffee With A Cell Phone On Dark Background

Iced Coffee

Iced coffee can be sweet or mellow. Can you name the original iced coffee? Any guess? The answer is “Mazagran”. It is from Algeria.

Cold Brew

Next is ‘Cold Brew’. The process is simple. First you have to add cold water to ground coffee, steep it for 18 hours, strain, and add ice & sugar. Yes, that’s it.

Were you expecting some big process? Then it will disappoint you. Oh! I forgot to mention that you can keep this in fridge for months.

Final Thoughts

So, here was a quick and easy trip to the variety of coffee drinks around the world. The coffee seed remains the same but the method of preparing the coffee differs with the different culture and region.

One more important tip can be that it will be preferable to buy wholesale beverage products as it helps you to save money and you will always be stocked up with your favorite flavor of coffee.

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