How do Coffee Traditions Differ Around the World

How Do Coffee Traditions Differ Around the World?

Get out of your coffee rut with this visual exploration of coffee consumption around the world.

Are you becoming bored of the same brewing routine?

Does this sound familiar?

A silky vanilla latte on your way to work. A rushed cup of filter coffee with milk and one sugar before the school run.

Or, perhaps a savoured cup of fresh black coffee whilst checking your morning emails.

Adams and Russell Coffee Roasters are here to give you inspiration from all over the world.

2 billion. That’s the average number of cups of coffee consumed every day around the world. With all the vibrant and variant cultures, just imagine the many different coffee possibilities with the world’s most popular drink.

Many of us have searched coffee blogs far and wide to read up on the latest brewing trends, with some amounting to just that… trends.

These coffee habits have been practiced for centuries and are fascinating ways to gain inspiration.

This infographic will help you delve into the many different cultures around the world and discover the fascinating ways in which coffee can be adapted.

You will also find surprising facts such as the lengthy ritual Ethiopians go through for their brew and the top harvesters and consumers in the world.

Coffee Consumption Around the World Infograhic

Infograhic Of Coffee Consumption Around The World

We hope you enjoyed this infographic of coffee consumption around the world by Adams and Russell Coffee Roasters. 

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