Five ways coffee and coconut go together

5 Ways That Coffee And Coconut Are a Match Made In Heaven

Coconut and coffee. Two completely different foods that surprisingly fit like the perfect puzzle piece when combined. The combination of coffee and coconut is not only delicious, but it’s also good for your health.

The beautiful thing about coconut is that so many different products can be made out of this one ingredient.  Such as coconut-milk, coconut-cream, coconut-water, coconut-sugar, coconut-extract, and coconut-oil to name a few. 

As you can see, the word “coconut” can mean many different things. This means that when added to coffee, there are various ways that they work perfectly together. Let’s explore them!

1. Coffee and Coconut Oil Goodness

Have you ever tried coconut oil in your coffee? To some people, it seems weird, but to those who’ve tried it, can’t imagine coffee without coconut oil now.

Apart from loving the taste and to wake us up, many of us love drinking coffee for the countless health benefits it provides. In addition to providing an energy boost, it also has antioxidants that protect our immune system.

Once you add coconut oil to this already healthy drink, all you do is enrich the benefits even more. Not to mention the taste! It adds a level of creaminess and nourishment that you wouldn’t otherwise get.

Here's Why Coconut Oil & Coffee Work Perfectly Together:

Coconut oil mixed with coffee

Coconut oil is known to increase energy levels. Coconut oil is made up of Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's). These triglycerides are absorbed by the body extremely quickly. Once absorbed, they are immediately used as fuel, rather than being stored as fat inside the body.

It boosts your metabolism through by the MCT's, which is great for weight loss.

Coconut oil contains Lauric acid, which is both antibacterial and antiviral. Due to being able to kill off bacteria, it helps boost the immune system. Lauric acid is also found in human breast milk, due to how nourishing it is.

So, next time you have your morning coffee, maybe try adding a teaspoon (or even a tablespoon depending on how much you enjoy it) of coconut oil to it. It might just completely transform the way you drink coffee!

2. Coconut Milk Makes The Perfect Creamer

Have you ever tried adding coconut milk as a creamer to black coffee? It might be the creamiest creamer you ever use. Whether you one day run out of your normal creamer, or you just want something new to try, it’s a great option.

Organic canned coconut milk is one of the best things to use as a creamer because it’s a non-perishable item (up until you use it) and it’s always great to keep in your pantry. It already comes thick and creamy, and it comes unsweetened for those who don’t like sweetness in their coffee. If you wanted it to be sweeter, you could add some maple syrup, honey or any sweetener of your choice.

Coconut milk is great for your health due to the Lauric acid that protects your heart. It has also been known to lower cholesterol levels. This option is also great for those on a paleo diet, those with lactose intolerance, or those who simply choose not to consume dairy.

If you wanted to make your coconut creamer into a vanilla flavor, you would simply mix a little bit of vanilla extract into it.

3. Like Iced Lattes? Wait Until You Try a Coconut Milk One

There’s honestly nothing better than an ice-cold, creamy latte on a hot summer day. Most people typically just use dairy milk when they make these drinks, but some will use non-dairy milk such as soy or almond. However, you don’t see nearly enough people using coconut milk in these drinks, and that’s something that needs to change.

Coconut milk iced lattes (or iced coffee, whatever you prefer) is a recipe you might not have known you needed, but once you take that first sip, you know you’ll be addicted.

An iced latte or coffee in the summer can be the most refreshing thing to drink. Once you add coconut milk to the recipe, it adds a layer of satisfying creaminess that nothing else can compare to. Even Starbucks has gotten a hold of this delicious recipe in their Iced Vanilla Bean Coconut Milk Latte.

Thankfully, this is something you can easily make yourself at home with some coconut milk, espresso, a sweetener of your choice, and vanilla extract. You can use boxed coconut milk from the grocery store, or a can of organic coconut milk. The benefit of the boxed ones is that some might come with sweeteners and flavor already added so that all you need to do is make espresso and add some ice.

4. Coconut Coffee Ice Cream - The Best Flavor Everyone’s Missing Out On

Homemade coconut and coffee ice-cream

Coconut Coffee Ice Cream is truly a hidden gem. Those who’ve tried it, usually fall in love. The unfortunate thing about this ice cream is that it can be hard to find in stores since no one even knows about it.

Luckily, it’s extremely easy to make this delicious dessert right in your own kitchen. Before we get to explaining how to make it, we wanted to give a reminder that this is a heart-healthy and allergen friendly recipe, which also happens to boost your immune 

This is a dessert that you can feel good about eating, knowing that you’re nourishing your body with the antioxidants of coconut milk and coffee at the same time.

You can find many recipes for coconut coffee ice cream online, and the best ones have the simplest ingredients. You only need a high-quality full fat can of coconut milk, a sweetener of your choice, strong brewed coffee, vanilla extract, and maybe a pinch of salt to bring out the flavors.

Some recipes require an ice cream maker machine, but others simply require you to put the mixture in the freezer for a few hours.

5. They Always Go Together, No Matter What

For the fifth way that coffee and coconut are a match made in heaven, we wanted to briefly outline a variety of examples in different situations that they work together.

Below are some additional suggestions on how to combine these two healthy ingredients:

  • Coconut milk and coffee popsicles
  • Coconut coffee cake
  • Blending shredded coconut with your coffee
  • Vietnamese coconut coffee
  • Coconut coffee smoothie
  • Coconut coffee face scrub (not a food, but an extremely nourishing combination for your skin)
  • Coconut butter in coffee

Final Thoughts

We hope this article introduced you to a few new ways to hopefully incorporate the combination of coffee and coconut into your diet. Whether you are doing it for the energy, health benefits or for the taste, everyone has something to gain from these magical ingredients. 

Want to learn more? Check out this blog from our friends at Alice’s Kitchen for 52+1 other uses for coconut oil.

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