Can You Brew Espresso In A Coffee Maker?

Can You Brew Espresso In A Coffee Maker?

Have you ever mistakenly purchased espresso ground coffee instead of regular coffee?

Can you afford an espresso machine?

Every now and then we make mistakes. While some are negligible, others make us look so silly just by thinking about it.

If you have ever been in this situation, you don’t need to beat yourself up. Mistakes happen (I know I am guilty of this - hence, the reason for this post on can you brew espresso in a coffee maker).

So, if you have bought/ordered a pound of espresso beans instead of regular coffee beans and you don’t know what to do with them or worry your coffee brewer at home might not be able to help you, you should not worry yourself and continue reading.

Just like you prepare regular coffee in your drip machine, go ahead and do the same for the espresso beans.

In fact, you will have a unique and totally different taste from your coffee. The taste of the espresso may be more bold and pungent, but that is just about it. It’s like going on an adventure in the comfort of your kitchen. You are sure you won’t die, but you also don’t know exactly what will happen to you.

In a coffee shop, the kind of espresso machine used to create the “true” espresso can cost you your first born child (maybe not quite - but you get the picture).

These machines use high-pressure water to produce the true espresso taste. And, if you have your heart set on using up that pound of espresso coffee beans by using a “real” espresso machine we have covered. Take a look at our article on How to Pick The Best Espresso Machine.

When hot water is forced under high pressure through fine ground coffee, you have the espresso. Most espresso blends are ground very fine and are suitable for you to brew in an espresso machine.

Just make sure you use paper filters when you are preparing the coffee. The filter will prevent the grounds from passing through to the espresso. The difference you may experience is that the coffee produced is a stronger flavor than the regular coffee.

Espresso beans are roasted longer than coffee beans and this gives them their darker taste. If you are okay with this taste, go ahead and make the coffee.

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