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Best Low Acid Coffee Brands – For The Sensitive Stomach Coffee Lover

We humans have been consuming coffee for hundreds of years. However, we very rarely think of some of the more progressive and subtle effects of coffee consumption.

Coffee contains acid, much like orange juice and apple juice, and after many years of moderate to heavy slurping away this very acid can begin to affect us. The most common effects are the yellow discoloration of teeth and the eating away at our stomach linings.

Symptoms Of Acid Reflux And Coffee

Some sensitive coffee lovers will also find that acid reflux and heartburn can become a growing problem.

While the discoloration of teeth is something that we cannot really help, the effects of the acid in some consumers are significantly more pronounced and can make the morning coffee ritual quite painful and uncomfortable.

Today we are going to be reviewing the best low acid coffee brands. If you suffer from acid reflux or an unusually sensitive stomach after drinking coffee then we have aimed this article especially for you, however some of health conscious readers will also find this invaluable.

Top Ten Best Low ​Acid Coffee Brands!

Lucy Jo’s Mellow Belly Coffee

When it comes to low acid coffee Lucy Jo’s has got the perfect blend down to a tee. The mellow belly option is renowned for boating a rich french roast flavor with a much lower ph scale than many other of the big name coffees. Lucy Jo’s operates from a brewery in upstate New York and is a family run business. The price point for this coffee is extremely reasonable given that it is one hundred percent organic.

This fantastic roast can be purchased from Amazon for per 11 oz.

Java Planet Low Acid Arabica Gourmet Beans

When it comes to niche coffee, Java Planet boasts a phenomenal blend for consumers with low acid requirements. Their coffee beans are fair trade meaning farmers get a fair price for their crops. They are also one hundred percent USDA organic, meaning the beans are pesticide and chemical free. They are also GMO free. The low acid option contains a blend of arabica beans that have a great full bodied flavor.

They can be bought on Amazon for a fantastic price of per pound.

Puroast Organic Low Acid Coffee

As far as coffee goes, Puroast is pretty unique. Claiming seven times more antioxidants than green tea and seventy percent less acid than other coffee brands it's pretty safe to say this is a solid brew for the most health conscious consumer. Puroast is a Venezuelan coffee brewer which uses a special brewing technique to ensure no bitter taste in their coffee.  

Puroast is slightly more expensive with a twelve ounce bag being sold on Amazon for . In our opinion, this is a great buy.

Teimans Fusion Coffee

Taimans is a brand which takes an enormous amount of pride in its ability to produce smooth coffee. They infuse their brew with Matcha green tea to give a sustainable five to six hour energy burst without all of the jitters that come with it from excessive caffeine consumption. They boast an impressive ph scale reading of 5.85%. The coffee is one hundred percent Arabica imported from South America and contains five times the optimal amount for antioxidant protection. A ten ounce bag is estimated to last for up to around forty cups.  

​​​​Amazon sell this coffee for an amazing price of per ten ounce.

Mommee Low Acid Coffee

Mommee coffee is pretty unique in the sense that it is designed by moms, for moms. It was designed by a pregnant mother who wanted to be sure of exactly what she was putting into her body so she therefore built a brand that could be consumed guilt free by extremely over stressed mothers (not saying fathers could not drink this as well). The coffee comes with a variety of caffeine options with decaf, 1/4 decaf and so on making it great for those watching their intake. The coffee is decaffeinated with a patented process called “Swiss water decaffeination”. We would describe the coffee to have a medium to light body.

Amazon sell the beans for per twelve ounce.

HealthWise Low Acid Coffee

HealthWise coffee boats that their beans are Colombian certified of the highest grade. They are roasted with a FDA approved ‘techno roasting’ process which removes much of the acid from the beans in their natural form. This creates a delicious full bodied blend which is high in antioxidants and essential minerals but most importantly low in acid. The ‘techno roasting’ method reduces much of the bitterness and harshness that many traditional roasting methods leave behind. Unlike the other coffees we have mentioned these beans come in a can as opposed to a bag making storage less troublesome. 

This coffee can be bought on Amazon for per twelve ounce making it significantly cheaper than the other coffees we have so far looked at.

Sumatran Gayo Coffee

Sumatran coffee is unique as it is is described to have a delicate sweet flavor. This combined with all of the beans being one hundred percent organic makes this a genuine must try. The coffee beans are Rain-forest Alliance Certified and have a medium whole flavor with an intense syrupy aftertaste. This low acid coffee is grown and roasted in Indonesia and imported by Volcania coffee. A brand which specializes in exotic and gourmet roasts.  

This breathtaking blend can be bought for a dazzling price on Amazon for per sixteen ounces.

Simpatico Low Acid Coffee

Simpatico coffee is the number one low acid brand of choice by fellow coffee blogger http://www.coffeereview.com. This Arabica coffee is shade grown off strictly high ground in remote regions of Oaxaca, Mexico. The coffee is exclusively purchased off small family farmers to ensure traditional growing methods are followed and quality is not compromised. This coffee is super smooth due to the revelation roasting method and therefore low in acid.  

Due to the amazing quality of this coffee is is slightly more on the pricey side coming in at per pound.

Verena Street Breakfast Blend

The Verena Street breakfast blend comprises of beans made up from Rain forest Alliance certified farms, this is to protect the farmers and wildlife from poor farming practices. The coffee is then roasted by a small family owned coffee company in Dubuque, Iowa to ensure quality control is the priority. These beans are also certified Kosher by the Orthodox Union. This beans create a fantastic coffee which has a rich flavor and an extremely smooth aftertaste while maintaining low acidity.  

This great coffee is very well priced at per twelve ounce.

Republika Brazilian Low Acid Coffee

The Brazilian Republic is so far the only coffee we have reviewed that is also aimed at those who enjoy a cold brewed coffee (it can however, also be enjoyed as a hot brew). The beans are non GMO and Rain-forest certified ensuring the farming process is environmentally friendly. The beans are one hundred percent Arabica ensuring a great smooth medium bodied cup.

This beans are air roasted to remove as much acid as possible and come at a reasonable price of per two pounds.


We really hope you have enjoyed our article on the best low acid coffee brands. As much as we love our roasts is is also important that we thinking of our health and also equally important, our teeth. We hope you will find the best low acid coffee for YOU and our article has raised awareness for all of the different brands you have available.

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