Nine Best Breakfast Coffee Smoothies

The Absolute Best Coffee Smoothies for Your Breakfast

For many people, perhaps including yourself, morning isn’t quite right unless there is a cup of coffee in their hand. You wake up and have to get ready for work while balancing the need for caffeine while scrambling to find some sort of breakfast.

However, there is a way to make this a more streamlined process. We’re talking about coffee smoothies, the best of both worlds for caffeination and filling your tummy in the early morning hours.

Some mornings may be less hectic, but for the ones that seem to fly by in an instant, a simple smoothie can be a great solution. Getting that boost of energy while you also get some breakfast in you can make the entire day a bit less stressful.

If you’re curious about what the best breakfast coffee smoothies are to start off your day, we’re here to help. Here's our favorite nine:

For the Chocolate Lovers Out There

Chocolate Chai Coffee Smoothie

Coffee Breakfast Smoothie - Natalie's Happy Health

If the idea of getting coffee and chocolate in your morning meal sounds appealing, the chocolate chai coffee smoothie might be the perfect option.

This smoothie is just as tasty as any iced coffee you’d pick up at the nearest coffeehouse while using natural ingredients like cacao, vanilla extra, and dates to provide a nice dose of sweetness.

It’s a low-fat smoothie that is gluten free and packed with plant-based protein to get your day going on the right foot.

Add a Little Pep to Your Step

Vegan Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino Smoothie Image

Vegan Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino - Beaming Baker

This is a breakfast smoothie that offers the texture and feel of a Frappuccino. It’s also got a nice hint of peppermint if you want a seasonal option around the holidays.

Don’t worry, the smoothie is beyond simple to make and includes great ingredients like cocoa powder, banana, and almond milk. It’s also entirely vegan and gluten-free so anyone can enjoy it as breakfast.

The best part is the recipe has two servings, so you can share with a loved one or down the second on the way to work.

Plenty of Protein with Peanut Butter

Peanut-butter Espresso Smoothie

Peanut Butter Espresso Smoothie - The Almond Eater

The next smoothie on our list is the peanut butter espresso smoothie, which gives a nice punch of protein to start your day with. This beverage tastes just as good as a candy bar but won’t leave you hungry an hour later like a Snickers would.

It also has only a few ingredients including almond milk, banana, peanut butter, maple syrup, and espresso powder. If you aren’t a fan of espresso powder, don’t worry. You can always swap it out with some of your favorite brewed coffee or a shot of espresso.

Start Your Day Off with Fresh Fruit

Blueberry Breakfast Coffee Smoothie Image

Blueberry Coffee Breakfast Smoothie - Happy Foods Tube

This is a smoothie that incorporates not just coffee but also blueberries, dates, and oats. That combination tastes fantastic and will also quell your hunger when you’re heading off to work in the morning.

It’s healthy and doesn’t use refined sugars, instead dates are used to add a dash of sweetness to the beverage. It’s also easy to make and will take no more than five minutes from start to end.

If you aren’t a big fan of blueberries, that’s okay, too. You can swap them out for bananas or whatever other fruit you have on hand.

Green Smoothie with Extra Coffee

Almond Coffee Green Smoothie Image

Almond Coffee Green Smoothie - Taste Love And Nourish

You might be surprised to find a coffee breakfast smoothie that is also a green smoothie, but it exists, and it actually is quite tasty. This smoothie incorporates the traditional coffee and almond milk but also adds in spinach and almonds to offer an innovative taste and texture to your morning beverage.

It’s also an aesthetically appealing beverage that you’ll enjoy sipping from all morning. This isn’t the traditional green smoothie and it might change the way you think about veggie smoothies altogether.

The Scent of Cinnamon

Cinnamon Coffee Smoothie Image

Cinnamon Coffee Smoothie - Pickled Plum

This cinnamon coffee smoothie is a twist on a classic with ingredients like banana, cold coffee, milk, and vanilla extract. However, this beverage also takes advantage of the taste of cinnamon and maple syrup to rev up your morning and sate your hunger.

It has the taste of a latte with the fragrance of a cinnamon roll to get you going while you get ready for work. When you don’t have time for coffee and breakfast, this is a great solution that incorporates the two.

A Touch of Pink for Breakfast

Raspberry Coffee Smoothie Image

Raspberry Coffee Smoothie - Sweet Savory Meals

Using frozen raspberries, instant coffee, coconut milk and a few other ingredients, this is a smoothie sure to get you going in the morning. It’s a great option for a hot day when you want a frosty beverage at your side and gives you the perfect aesthetic for a picture on Instagram or Snapchat.

It can be made with or without cocoa powder, depending on whether you’re having a craving for chocolate or not. It’s sure to be the perfect treat for mornings when you need to get going fast.

The Bulletproof Coffee Smoothie

Iced Bulletproof Coffee Smoothie Image

Bulletproof Coffee Smoothie - Keto Connect

For anyone who is on keto, we haven’t forgotten you. This iced keto coffee smoothie is the refreshing treat you need in your life. It doesn’t take much time to make and it will keep you from getting hungry early in the day.

The smoothie incorporates heavy whipping cream, xanthan gum, MCT oil, and more to give you the morning boost you need. It’s a creamy, delicious drink that you may end up making a habit for early mornings.

The Intersection of Coffee and Avocado

Coffee Avocado Smoothie Recipe

Coffee Avocado Smoothie - Well And Good

Both coffee and avocado are popular nowadays and for good reason. However, you may not have thought about combining the two into a morning-friendly smoothie.

This smoothie also includes Greek yogurt, black cherries, chia seeds, and more to pack your body with nutrients for the coming day. It’s healthy and tasty and you should try it at least once!

Final Thoughts

With these nine smoothie recipes, you’re sure to find one that will fit your needs the next time you need coffee and breakfast quick. Each of them is great tasting and has the components needs to start your day off right.

Try a couple and let us know what you think in the comments below!

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