Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

Top Benefits of Low Acid Coffee: Why You Should Make The Switch!

The moment the word ‘coffee’ strikes the mind; it surrounds me with numerous memories. A get together at a friend’s home, a late night at the office, a long conversation with a best friend and the list goes on and on.

Coffee is beloved by thousands of folks around the world. And why it shouldn’t be? It’s super delicious and also promotes mental alertness.

Green Coffee Cup Winking

Having said that, I can't deny the facts that just like nicotine, caffeine is highly addictive. So, if you are someone who cannot imagine your day without that morning cup of coffee – you can call yourself a coffee addict (wink).

Sadly, your cup of coffee may not be as healthy as you think. Coffee contains acids, which causes gastrointestinal disorders, and unfortunately, every year thousands of people die due to such diseases. In fact, a million adults suffer from gastric problems in the US alone.

With that said, are you ready to learn the benefits of low acid coffee, and possibly make the switch to a healthier brew

Let's get started with the basics...

It’s the Bean that Matters the Most

Low Acid Coffee Beans

Drinking a low acid instant coffee means it has low acid in it. Actually, it is the beans that matter the most. A coffee’s acidity level originates from the beans itself.

Coffee is naturally acidic. A list of factors affects the acidity of a particular roast or brew. Acidity, when combined with caffeine, produces an all-defense against insects. A plant with a lower caffeine level usually has a higher acidity in order to fight the insects.

While a coffee is naturally acidic, the manner in which the plants are grown and harvested has a crucial effect on how the acidic coffee cup tastes.

Coffee beans grow at high altitudes with direct sunlight, and are higher in malic acids. This is why your coffee tastes sour. Beans if not matured properly have a high concentration of citric acid. And of course, non-organic beans have a higher acidic level due to unnatural additives and pesticides.

Low Acid Coffee - Why is it the Right Solution for You?

Low Acid Coffee Splashing Out Of The Cup

Don’t be upset by the fact that being a coffee lover, you may have to leave it at some point of time. Simply, switch to low-acid and acid-free solutions. Yes, it is a great way for coffee lovers to enjoy it.

Do you know that apart from caffeine, coffee also contains pain-killing properties? Well, an organic low acid coffee prevents soreness and muscle pain that usually occurs after an intense workout.

It is also loaded with antioxidants and phytochemicals that protect against various chronic diseases. And thankfully, they taste same. The reason they are less irritating to the stomach is that they are developed through a different method.

It’s a less known fact that oils slow digestion due to acid build up in the stomach. There are oil contents present in coffee, although, it is not very significant. In order to reduce the effect of oil, choose decaf and dark roast coffee. In short, choosing a low acid coffee is a wise decision.

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Top Benefits of Low Acid or Acid-Free Coffee

Five Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

Now, you are quite aware of why drinking a low-acid coffee is the right choice for you. Well, if you are still not convinced, here are some benefits of low acid coffee you must know.

Mild for Your Stomach

If you are a patient with peptic ulcers, gastritis or GERD, a low-acid coffee is simply the best alternative. It is mild for such health problems and never triggers excessive juices in the stomach.

On top of that, low acid coffee will not irritate the stomach and the throat lining too.

Simply Great for Elderly with Stomach Issues

Elderly Person With A Cup Of Low Acid Coffee

With low acid coffee beans, even elderly people who cannot resist coffee can enjoy it.  As it is less dangerous for the stomach, it doesn’t cause diarrhea, bloating or nausea.

In addition to this, low-acid keeps Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) or constipation at bay.

Amazing for Gluten-Sensitive or Lactose Intolerant

Acid-free or low-acid coffee is also perfect for folks who suffer from Lactose intolerant or Celiac disease.

This drink reduces inflammation or any discomfort that originates from a normal coffee. Even folks who experience Crohn’s disease can enjoy the delicious cup of acid-free or low-acid coffee.

For those who don’t know, Crohn’s disease is a condition in which inflammation is caused by the small and large intestine. People affected by this disease are prone to abdominal pain, diarrhea and intestinal ulcers.

Outstanding Benefits in the Long Run

Is your morning coffee leaving you unsatisfied along with a bitter taste? A good quality organic low-acid coffee can make a difference along with delivering amazing benefits in the long run.

If you start consuming organic, shade grown low-acid coffee, the results after many years will be truly fascinating.

Unfortunately, regular coffee is also responsible for spoiling your gorgeous smile.

How? Well, such coffees destroy the dental enamel, causing abrasions, which allows food and coffee to stain the teeth.

Reduces Chances of Insomnia

Cup Of Coffee With Z's

Folks who drink too much coffee have the chances of insomnia. Usually, this affects elderly people more than the young.

Younger people may trigger only fatigue but the chances of insomnia are reduced by drinking low-acid coffee.

Reap The Benefits of Low Acid Coffee Brands

Now, if you are wondering if finding a low-acid coffee brand is a tough task, not really. Several popular coffee brands offer low-acid coffee with exclusive taste and quality. And surely, they taste yummy.

If you're a coffee drinker who feels uneasy while drinking regular coffee, maybe it’s time to switch to Italian, Brazilian, French or Indonesian roast. 

Indubitably, coffee is loved by millions around the world but some of its side effects are extremely alarming. Perhaps this is the reason why switching to acid-free coffee is imperative.

In addition to this, those under medical care who cannot consume normal coffee have the option of low-acid coffee. I know is it not possible to abruptly stop consuming coffee and thus, acid-free coffee is a better alternative. 

So why not take a healthy option and reap the benefits of low acid coffee today!

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