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A Warm Welcome Coffee Friends

Hello, Sheri here. Welcome to LoveMyCoffeeCup. The place where coffee fanatics can learn everything related to making a great cup of coffee in the comfort of home.

How did this site come about?

Well, like you, I was researching what coffee maker produces the best cup of coffee. And it struck me out of the blue - why don't I create a website where I can share my research with my coffee friends.

So, with a lot more research I thought "why not?" And a few weeks later lovemycoffeecup.com was born.

How can you use this site?

There are a number of things you can do here:

Become more Informed by Reading Our Product Buying Guides and Reviews On:

How can you help this site?

I welcome any feedback both positive and negative, so leave your comments and I will take any recommendations or criticisms into consideration. The more help we get from real users, the better it will become.

How can you contact us?

Hopefully any coffee related questions will have been answered already on the site via the many product reviews and articles available, but should you have any outstanding questions, you can use this simple contact form or email us at info@lovemycoffeecup.com.

Warmest Regards,

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