9 Uses For Leftover Brewed Coffee

9 Unexpected Uses For Leftover Brewed Coffee

How much leftover brewed coffee have you poured to your kitchen’s drain over the course of your life-time? I am sure you have poured as much as other coffee lovers have. However, there are many surprising uses for leftover brewed coffee so you do not have to waste it.

For instance, leftover brewed coffee can be used to make various types of drinks or cooking recipes, as a home repair tool or even as a cleaner.

Therefore, once you are done with your instant coffee, do not pour the leftover down your drain since you can still use it. You can also check out The Homemakers Journal for some awesome information on instant coffee!
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Here is a guide about the benefits and uses for leftover brewed coffee:

#1: Exfoliating the Skin

Left over coffees are ideal products that can be used to clean out oil and dirt in your skin. If you mix the coffee with some olive oil and carefully massage it on your skin, the product will act as exfoliate while the olive moisturizes your skin.

#2: Alternative Treatment Option of Deadly Disorders

Leftover brewed coffee when shot directly into the rectum rather than drinking it can have immense health benefits. For instance, it can aid in the process of constipation, reduce fatigue or even get rid of some of the liver detoxification concerns.

#3: Washing Dishes

The acid in brewed coffee can be used to clean the dishes. Use your brewed coffee to clean your dishes, give them a quick wash using a dish of soap and rinse them properly so as to get rid of the coffee smell.

#4: Using Leftover Brewed Coffee to Cook

When it comes to preparing or cooking other culinary delights, leftover brewed coffee can be used to serve a variety of purposes.

Here are some of the most astonishing ideas to use leftover brewed coffee:

Hot Cocoa Kick: Rather than mixing hot cup of cocoa with milk or even water, try replacing it with leftover brewed coffee. This will give you a great drink that will live you smiling.

Iced Coffee: Do not throw your leftover coffee but instead develop a habit of always storing it in the refrigerator. You can afterwards mix it with coffee ice cube, add milk and have a rich iced coffee.

#5: Watering Your Plants

There are plants which crave more acid while other which do not. If you have plants which require acid rich soil so that they can flourish, all you require doing is pouring your leftover brewed coffee into the soil.

This will give the plants what they require. However, you must ensure that you do not pour too much of the brewed coffee on the soil as it can negatively impact the growing plants.

#6: Removing Scratches

Do you have wood floors or furniture which have scratches? Before you think of disposing of such furniture or replacing that floor, think of using your leftover brewed coffee to hide the scratches.

The leftover brewed coffee will dye the furniture or the wood of the floor. Therefore, instead of having a light colored scratch, you’ll have a darker color finishing which hides it.

#7: Cleaning Your Grill

If you have a grill that is caked with grease after being used in outdoor barbecuing activities, it can be difficult to clean. The acid in leftover brewed coffee can easily penetrate into that grease making it easy to wipe.

#8: Dyeing Fabric

Leftover brewed coffee can serve as an excellent fabric dye. You can use it to turn your white fabric into a distinctive and antique piece of fabric, which you can use to make great looking clothes.

#9: Using it in a Marinade

Add some chopped onions and garlic or shallots to your leftover brewed coffee, along with a smear of balsamic vinegar or soy sauce, for an easy and quick marinade for all types of meat.

Bottom Line

As you have seen there are numerous benefits and uses associated with leftover brewed coffee. Therefore, the next time you brew in your home a pot of instant coffee; do not pour the leftovers in your drain. Try one of the aforementioned suggestions or find a use of your own for that brewed coffee instead of pouring it to your kitchen’s drain.

***Let us know in the comments below, do you have any unexpected uses for leftover brewed coffee?

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