Make Coffee Stronger With These Seven Hacks

7 Amazing Hacks to Make Everyday Coffee Even Stronger

Life is dynamic and we have to adjust to the everyday changes that come along. At first, I used to enjoy brewing and drinking dark roasted coffee as it made me feel more real and entirely caffeinated.

As you all know, coffee is a must for most of us. Just like brushing our teeth, drinking a cup of pure black coffee every morning has truly become an integral part of our daily routines.

Now, born in a family of true coffee die-hard's, I was forced to adjust to the routine of drinking real coffee that incorporated scalding hot and a bitter tasting brew.

Although I was pushed to adhere to the ritual of drinking such unpleasant coffee, I knew for sure there was a way of making my morning cup of coffee taste stronger and great without having to add too much sugar.

Having invested ample time looking for ways to make my morning cup more delicious, I managed to discover tons of genius hacks, tricks and tweaks that will not only make your morning a lot easier but will also take your brewing demands to the next level.

Having gone through an entertaining journey of discovery, here are 7 amazing hacks I learned that will definitely make your everyday coffee even stronger.

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Make Coffee Stronger - Seven Easy Ways

1. Roast your own beans

One way of making your morning brew even stronger is by roasting your own coffee beans. Although the method of roasting is open to debate, I think the perfect way of roasting your coffee beans to make them flavorful is by watching them pop and crackle in a popcorn maker.

Why use a popcorn maker? Well, a popcorn maker works with a similar roasting principle as an Air Roaster. These roasters provide a fluid bed of air in the roasting chamber that allows your coffee beans to heat evenly with the exact same temperature. This roasting technique allows your beans to preserve their natural oils, flavors and aroma.

Another roasting technique that I won’t recommend to you is the drum roasting method. This technique takes a lot of time (about 15 to 20 minutes) to roast a batch of coffee beans.

The longer it takes to roast the beans, the easier it is for the chaff to burn and smoke causing the beans to lose their flavor and aroma while still leaving them with a burnt and pungent flavor.

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2. Freshness is key

The second hack that will definitely make your morning brew even stronger is by maintaining the freshness of your roasted coffee.

You see, when coffee beans are roasted beyond the second crack, they become more fragile and porous causing them to preserve their freshness for a short time.

With this in mind, one way of enjoying a delicious cup of fresh coffee is by securing your roasted beans in an airtight glass jar to preserve and extend their freshness.

If you feel like this is too much for you, perhaps you may consider the second trick which is shopping for smaller volumes of coffee beans from a trusted roaster or your local grocery store.

Just to mention, always remember to check the roast date to ensure that you don’t buy stale roasted coffee beans. 

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3. Coffee ice cubes

By the way, are you an iced coffee enthusiast? Well, if you are, this hack will give you an incredibly tasty cup of coffee without having to dig deep into your pockets.

The reason we opted to recommend coffee ice cubes is because ordinary cubes have a tendency of becoming watery leaving your coffee with a flat weak flavor.

Now, to intensify the flavor of your coffee without making it weak, try freezing some ice cubes and drop them in your cup of coffee and you’ll see how strong your afternoon cup will taste especially if you’re drinking your coffee in a hot afternoon.

4. Make an iced coffee Popsicle

Still, on the iced coffee idea, another genius hack that will truly transform your coffee experience is making iced coffee Popsicle's. A perfect summertime treat for adult couples, a coffee Popsicle offers an amazing way of enjoying your afternoon iced coffee.

Now, in case you’re looking for a more creative way of making your iced coffee even sweeter, you can try out ice cubes made of creamer or milk.

5. Add some flavor extracts

If you’re tired of the old obvious bitter taste of coffee, why not try adding some drops of flavor extracts such as vanilla, almond, butterscotch or coconut?

Just to give you a bonus hack, if you’re tired of sugar (especially those with health problems), you can try swapping sugar with something like cinnamon.

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6. Press it

Most people believe that expensive brewing equipment is the only way to enjoy a premium cup of coffee. This is definitely not true.

You see, instead of having to spend more money shopping for an expensive espresso machine, you can simply go for cheaper French Press equipment and I bet you’ll really enjoy the awesome cup of coffee you’ll be able to brew.

By grinding your own coffee to super fine, all you need to do is simply pour the grounds into your French Press, add near boiling water then leave it for half a minute. Press the piston up and down several times to allow the equipment to brew an amazing cup of hot Espresso.

In addition to that, if you’re a latte die-hard, you can try adding hot milk into the French Press then move the piston up and down several times to brew a delicious cup of latte.

7. Try bulletproof or keto coffee

With the new emerging trends of coffee, keto and bulletproof coffee provide an amazing way of enjoying your morning coffee while still boosting your brains to work at peak performance.

Here, you can decide to add cow’s butter and coconut oil to your brew to benefit from the essential nutrients and vitamins.

Final Thoughts

Apart from the seven genius hacks we’ve mentioned above, there are so many other ways of making your everyday coffee taste nice and delicious.

Just to mention them, you can try making your own flavored coffee syrups, add flavoring to your coffee grounds before brewing, or try making your own bulletproof coffee gummies.

With that said, I believe this list of amazing hacks will continuously make your everyday coffee even better.

In case you’ve got more clever hacks to make coffee stronger depending on your location or brewing rituals, please don’t hesitate to share with us in the comment section below.

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