Here's six random facts you never knew about coffee

6 Random Facts You Never Knew About Coffee

Coffee is a very popular drink all over the world. It boosts our energy and keeps us primed for a hard day of work. It’s a brewed beverage that is prepared from coffee beans that are roasted to perfection.

These beans are now ready for grinding with a quality grinder. After which, you can start brewing with your favorite method that will produce a worldwide popular drink known as coffee.

In this article, we will talk about six random facts that you never knew about coffee:

International coffee day sign with a red cup

1. International Coffee Day

We all know coffee is an amazingly popular beverage, however, it’s now winning the popularity of all age groups around the world. As coffee lovers, we're always experimenting with new ways to brew. So, let's celebrate International Coffee Day and promote coffee as the most popular hot beverage we love so much.

It all started the first day of October in 2015 and has continued on. The International Coffee Organization (ICO) has launched the first official celebration of International Coffee Day (ICD) with a dedicated website which features more than 70 events. Moreover, 35 countries in the world are participating in this journey. 

In 2018, they emphasized on the importance of woman across the coffee value chain, also promoting their empowerment. Their main goal here is to achieve gender equality and larger productivity for sustainable development.

Every year us crazy coffee lovers celebrate this day to make it special. This year will be no different. Therefore, don’t forget to mark the first day of October on your calendar. 

2. Coffee Helps Your Blood Flow

This is certainly an interesting topic. Whether coffee is good for blood flow or not? From this study, we got this; coffee may perk up the blood vessels due to the caffeine.

So, it will increase the blood flow which is good for your health. If you are a regular blood pressure patient then the habit of drinking coffee will definitely work for you. It will bring relaxation and speed into your workflow.

Coffee cup on world map

3. How Much Coffee Do We Drink?

Have you ever thought about how much coffee we drink all over the world? Interesting question huh!

In our world, we drink almost 2.5 billion cups of coffee in a single day. This number is huge. On almost every corner in the world you will find a coffee lover. One of the main reasons for this hot beverages popularity is its unique taste.

Do you know how much coffee is taken at breakfast? It's almost 57 percent of all coffee intake. The peak time period is between 9:30 and 11:30 am. That means we like to start our working day by drinking a hot and tasty cuppa.

Let me tell you the story of a famous French Philosopher, Voltaire drinks around 50 cups of coffee in a single day (you can learn more here).

Young loving couple using coffee as an aphrodisiac

4. Coffee as an Aphrodisiac?

Sounds interesting, right? We know that coffee contains a very high dose of caffeine. This awesome drink is considered as the most renowned socially acceptable stimulant.

Let me tell you an interesting truth that coffee will increase the stamina and overall intimate sessions. According to Michael Albertsons, Temptations: Igniting the Pleasure and Power of Aphrodisiacs,” coffee drinkers are more sex friendly than non-coffee drinkers.

So, you can easily understand the effect coffee has in our personal life? It will boost your energy in surprising aspects of life.

5. Farmers Depend on Coffee Harvest

Coffee is not only a famous hot drink, it's also a source of income for thousands of people within the coffee industry. Especially coffee farmers.

Almost 25 million farmers around the world depend on growing coffee for their daily meal. The number will increase every year as the popularity is at it's peak.

Moreover, the maximum number of farmers are from a poorer countries that struggle for their livelihood. Cultivating coffee is an interesting profession and they do it on a regular basis.

From the annual report, we got that a semi-professional farms can produce 4,000 pounds per acre and a true professional farm can produce 8,000 pounds per acre.

A very poor country in Africa called Ethiopia earned 866 million USD by exporting 221,000 tons of coffee during the recent year. We can conclude from the reports of coffee makers the USA, the original coffee in a Grande Starbucks Cappuccino costs 31 cents to produce.

Coffee tasters at a professional event

6. Professional Coffee Tasters

Coffee tasting is the real-life experience of observing the taste and aromas of brewed coffee. Basically, it is a professional practice of tasting coffee. However, anyone who wants to join the party can do so. Are you wondering how much they earn? Well, it's pretty close to $30,000 annually.

Four Basic Steps for Coffee Tasting:

The Smell: The sense of taste is directly persuaded by the sense of smell. Therefore, when doing a taste test, smell it first. Place your palm over the tasting cup. Next, place the tasting cup below your nose and take a deep smell. What did you grasp from the smell? Is it describable?

The Slurp: When tasting the coffee the professional coffee tasters slurp it. When slurping, the coffee gets splashed throughout the palate. Which allows the aromas and faint flavors to hit all the tasting regions of the tongue.

The Experience on Your Tongue:  When you are slurping the coffee, think where are you tasting it on your tongue and note the weight of the coffee.

Writing the Description: Write identifying sensual words to describe the key characters of the aroma, and the way in which the coffee tastes in your mouth. Great reference points would be your very own past experiences. Are there any foods or past experiences you can compare it with?

There you have it, six random facts about coffee that you probably never knew 🙂 Let us know what you think in the comments below!

About the Author: Sthepane Kedlick is the founder of She loves coffee and starts each and every day with a fresh cuppa joe. She’s always experimenting with different coffees, however her favorites are lattes and cappuccinos.

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