Five legal tips for starting your first coffee shop

5 Legal Tips for Starting Your First Coffee Shop Business

Owning your own business is one of the most liberating and self-affirming things you can do. You are your own boss, you own your time, and you are in complete control of your fate. Now, couple that with something you are passionate about, and you will have to end up with a dream job of a lifetime.

Opening a coffee shop gives you a mix of being your own boss, with actually providing people with high-quality, high-level coffee. You can hone your craft, improve your understanding and skills with making coffee, all the while turning a profit.

However, running a coffee shop is the easy part. The most challenging part is actually getting the business opened. For this reason, we have written up this little article. Below you can find some basic legal tips that will help you start your first coffee shop business.

Five Legal Tips for Staring Your First Coffee Shop

Create a legal business plan

1. Get a Good Plan

In order to get your coffee shop up and going, you need to have a good plan behind you. Just like a ship cannot properly sail without a map or compass, a business cannot function without a plan. Don’t make the mistake of creating an overly detailed and specific plan. Know that things are most likely going to change and that you need to stay flexible and capable of adapting. If you don’t, trust us, you will just end up stressed out and disheartened. Also, every plan will differ, form person to person, form business to business. There are still, however, some universal things that you should keep in mind.

  • First of all, how will you finance this entire business? Are you going to take out a bank loan, use your savings, and maybe borrow money from friends and family? How will you pay it back? Are you thinking about getting some investors in there, or some benefactors?
  • What kind of marketing are you going to use? Are you primarily gonna do SEO-based marketing, add some other digital marketing work, invest in ads and the local paper, or a combination of all of these?
  • What are your goals, how much money do you intend to make? How profitable do you expect you’re going to be? Do you intend to focus on dominating your local market, or perhaps branching out as soon as possible?

2. Do Your Research

In line with the previous point, you shouldn’t just dive in blind. Instead, research your local market. Check out the prices, the competition. How much do people even like coffee in your area? Do you have to play it cool, and have people come to you, or are you going to go with a strong and aggressive campaign?

Furthermore, what are the trends in this area? What kind of style will be best suited for your shop, as far as design is concerned? Of course, we understand you have a preference, but you do have to take your target demographic into consideration.

3. Handle Your Paperwork Properly

The bane of any business owner is annoying paperwork. Namely, in order to run a business, you need to have all the right paperwork, licenses, certificates, permits…. Essentially, you need to run your coffee shop in accordance with all local laws and regulations. This, of course, includes the laws of your own country and region, but also local laws and rules. Trust us, this sounds simple, but there are many more licenses and certificates than you would expect.

Without the proper paperwork, you can end up with servos fines, or even end up in court. On the other hand, the right bureaucratic foundation can protect you and help you in case you set up any professional public liability claims. If you want to be a successful entrepreneur, you need to have all your bases covered.

Coffee supplier preparing coffee beans

4. Pick the Right Suppliers

Getting in contact with the proper suppliers is vital if you want to reach success. Namely, your entire business runs on the quality of your products, as well as timely deliveries. So, keeping everything above ground, having clear contracts and deals set up with your suppliers is paramount.

5. Get the Right People (and treat them properly)

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Treating them with respect and kindness, providing them with proper training, giving them the right tools and equipment, and just being a good boss matters if you want to get results.

On the legal end of things, you need to give them benefits, not only because that’s what a good boss does, but also because it’s a legal requirement. Consult a local lawyer or employment office, and see what kind of paperwork you need to get and execute if you want everything to be in line with current regulations.

Final Thoughts

And there you have it folks, some legal tips for opening your first coffee shop business. Starting your own business is not easy, but with the right mind-set, and some extra work, you will certainly succeed. Remember to get the right people, and to treat them properly. Do your homework, get some research under your belt, and check out your market. Get a good plan in place, and get a handle on your necessary paperwork.

About the Author: Alexander Hunkin is an Australian based startup advisor with in-depth experience in growing business. His meaningful and strategic advice have helped in setting and growing many startup companies in Brisbane and Perth. Alexander is also a content creator for different niches. The top ones are business, career, finance, and marketing. He aspires to share his experiences and is always on the lookout for the next opportunity to enhance his skills. When he isn’t busy working, you can find him cooking exotic meals, scuba diving, and cycling.

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